Carolyn Nicholson

Historical Author

William Forsyth: land of hopes and dreams

In 1798, William Forsyth arrives in the New World from Scotland, trained as a clergyman and determined to make his mark. After a false start or two, William finds his place in the Annapolis Valley of Nova Scotia and begins a forty-year ministry.


“If you're interested in Nova Scotia's Dissenting and Presbyterian heritage, this account is for you.” - Betsy Hogan

Betsy HoganMinister of St. Matthew's United Church, Halifax

"A cross-over between lighthearted story telling and the historical account of settlers in Nova Scotia. She brings to life their joys and trials through her characters’ eyes, experiences, and feelings."

Jason HumphreyAuthor

“These small communities were not insular, but impacted by world events The positive and often negative quarrels and wars of the Old World followed the people here.”

Fiona Chin-YeAuthor of Sa’s Story

“I will be forever grateful to Carolyn Nicholson for breathing substance into our early Planter ancestors.”

Jim MortonA seventh-generation Planter descendant

“William Forsyth is a formidable character who finds his way into the minds of his parishioners and into the heart of the reader.”

Jodi Asbell-ClarkeAuthor of Investigating Astronomy

About the author:

Carolyn Nicholson was born and raised in Nova Scotia, but it wasn’t until she began years of research into her Nova Scotia ancestors that she discovered how deep her roots were there. This lead to her decision to write her first book.

She is a graduate of Mount St. Vincent University and the Atlantic School of Theology as well as the Halifax Infirmary School of Health Information Management, and has worked in both these fields as well as teaching at the post-secondary level. She is currently retired and has completed her second book about her ancestors, with the working title of: Traitors, Cannibals, Highlanders, and Vikings.
Carolyn lives in Halifax and continues to research her Nova Scotia roots, in the company of her three sisters, who are always happy to go with her on her research adventures.

Carolyn loves to give talks about the background of the book.

Get in touch at: [email protected]